The Patient Journey is super critical for our specialist clients who understand that their patient’s health is paramount to their lives and have dedicated their careers to meeting their needs – and we understand our role in helping them achieve this.

  • In most cases, we know that when a patient is speaking with us, they are likely to be unwell or worried – or more likely, both. So we aim to ensure they receive empathy and care at every point of contact, just as they will when consulting with you.
  • At ConsultantCare we pride ourselves on providing all patients with the journey that they deserve and increasingly expect. Our Practice Managers are highly trained to ensure this journey is as smooth as possible from the initial booking of an appointment, to liaising with insurance companies if necessary, through to dealing with any queries the patient may have pertinent to their experience with you.
  • And in the same way that we are always available to you regardless of illness or holidays, we always ensure our PM’s have cover and comprehensive notes for their covering colleagues to ensure a seamless and effortless patient journey.
  • At all times and at every stage, our PM’s are on hand to manage patient needs and to guide them through their journey with you – giving them the vital peace of mind they need when going through a particularly challenging period in their lives.