Operating a practice in today’s complex healthcare market feels more like running a business given all the administrative, financial, marketing and patient relationship challenges facing the medical specialist.

But that’s exactly how it needs to be approached and exactly why our support is based on professional business management principles that encompass all the key disciplines required to remove this burden from your shoulders, freeing you to do the work that really matters.

Here’s just a snapshot of the end-to-end practice management services we deliver as part of our partnership with you.

  • Full-time secretarial personnel & cover
  • Transcription of patient letters and instructions within 24-48 hours
  • Ensuring tests/investigations/review appointments are scheduled
  • Reservation of operations and theatre time
  • Direct communication with patients
  • Direct communication with all hospital departments
  • Retaining of medical records
  • Preparation of records for clinics
  • Assistance with patient appointments
  • Pre-authorisation expertise with Insurance Companies
  • Managing & developing Clinics
  • Negotiate Theatre/Endoscopy/Clinic availability


  • We provide and full and comprehensive medico-legal service, bespoke to individual specialists needs.


  • Immediate & Accurate Billing of your Fees
  • Electronic billing to Medical insurers as per fee schedules
  • Ensuring patients are completely updated on costs and fees
  • Self Pay patients – Package schemes
  • Assisting with obtaining Insurance recognition
  • Processing payments including payments taken prior to consultation if appropriate
  • Pursue shortfall and excess payments
  • Working with Business Offices at Healthcare Providers
  • Providing end of year fee information for Accountants
  • Providing Customer Service Support for Fee enquiries
  • Issuing invoices to your patients incorporating any upfront payments made
  • Liaison with insurance companies re remittances

Debt collection:

  • Speedy recovery of late payments and outstanding debt

Invoice/bank reconciliation:

  • Ensuring that all monies have been received into your bank account in accordance with invoicing

Marketing/PR/Social Media (External):

  • Marketing your ‘brand’ appropriately to ensure your presence, skills, reputation and overall representation is maximised both online and offline

Business Quarterly Reports/Presentation/Analytics (Internal):

  • Presenting quarterly reports with a full breakdown of your practice and business activity over the previous quarter

With all personnel supporting the running of your practice employees of ConsultantCare, we completely absorb all responsibility for recruitment and HR matters without the need for a personal secretary.

Patient Journey:

We understand the importance of your relationships with your patients and make extensive provision to ensure 100% patients satisfaction (See Patient Journey section for more information)

Insurance Company liaison:

We maintain close communication with insurance companies regarding all aspects of their connection with your patients and payments