At ConsultantCare, we go well beyond providing excellent administrative and secretarial support services – we’re also passionate about helping you grow your practice.

How do we do this? Well, in several ways.

First, we apply our extensive experience and understanding of today’s complex and competitive healthcare marketplace to help you optimise your opportunities to win new business. So if you’re unsure how to connect with healthcare providers and insurance companies – or simply don’t have the time to investigate it – we’re here to offer help and guidance.

Next, we can support you to develop an effective strategy to market your practice, whether that be through a personal website or via the vast array of social media at your disposal.

And, when it comes to marketing, as a member of the ConsultantCare family, you’ll benefit either directly or indirectly from the marketing events and communications activity we undertake. It all helps build your reputation and presence with both patients and healthcare providers.

But, of course, by providing a great experience for patients, we’ll organically drive inter-patient referrals – the best and most cost-effective marketing there is!