Affiliation with ConsultantCare brings with it membership of the ConsultantCare Club which, in turn, enables you to be a part of an inter-referral scheme of value to both you and your patients.

Through the Club, you’ll develop relationships with like-minded colleagues who will take care of your patients if there is a need for consultation or treatment in a different speciality. Naturally, in every case, patients will receive the ongoing ConsultantCare experience that guarantees a consistent, seamless Patient Journey.

Throughout the year we host a range of networking events – everything from dinner events with speakers  through to thought leadership conferences. These events give you a great opportunity to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest with your fellow ConsultantCare Club members and contemporaries.

The ConsultantCare Club is an ever-growing, changing and developing platform with a direction driven by both our interpretation of the healthcare market and the feedback from our members who are always encouraged to provide ideas and comments that could add value to the Club.